We bring together, talent, technical ability and visionary thinking to empower individuals and organisations. We are passionate about impacting human performance, we do this with velocity, compassion, humour and love.

Are you the type of person who…

  • Wants more from your life & business
  • Wants to reach and fulfill your potential
  • Create projects, that challenge and inspire you
  • Team up with other like hearted people
  • Share your wisdom, and learn from others
  • Make a difference in areas that are important to you
  • Show your true value and make the money you want
  • Develop your Collaborative skills, and transform your world

Then be our guest at one of our meetings

What to expect at a meeting…

Know and Be Known

A Collaborator has the opportunity to present to the community, to share their journey so far establish what is important to them gift some knowledge to the audience on their mission and create their being going forward.  The audience get to share in this experience and get to know the Collaborator at a deeper and more authentic level.

Core Values

A Collaborator takes one of the core values of BeCollaboration and invites debate with the audience over their meaning and essence. Every deliberation is different as a result of the people in the audience who have eclectic past experiences. Topics we consider to have an ‘obvious’ meaning will undoubtedly be the ones where most learning and epiphany are experienced.

Genius Slot

A Collaborator can request to take this 30 minute session, To share some new insights, Debate around a topic to create new learning, Consider outlandish concepts, Share dreams and aspirations.  The audience enjoy lively debate, esoteric conversations and develop greater awareness of cutting edge issues.


Having had the opportunity to present a Know and Be Known session the Collaborator will be invited to present a Masterclass the following month for their chosen subject. These are for only 6 people (first come) who will be privy to additional learning about that persons specialism. Examples have been Marketing, Sales, Web Optimisation, Karma, NLP and more.

What is BeCollaboration?

BeCollaboration is an intention, a movement, and ultimately a community who are inspired to take action. We believe collaboration is the way to make our world a better place. The current model of fear scarcity and competition doesn’t work for us. At BeCollaboration we live and operate from a context of love abundance and collaboration. Where we create solutions, not problems and overcome challenges that some would say are impossible, because together we are stronger. Our community as individuals want to be the best that they can be.
As a community we know that being with other like hearted people we will be able to achieve more than we ever felt possible.

Join us for a meeting and find out what you might achieve.

Are you ready for a paradigm shifting experience?

At BeCollaboration we arrive fully expecting and ready to step outside of our comfort zone.  Listening without filters, accepting that we are constantly learning and knowing, if we help others, we in turn will gain great benefits, this creates a space for solving the unsolvable – where transformations happen.

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