Collaborative Business Relationship Management System

Standard ISO 44001

BeCollaboration are proud to be certified with ISO 44001, one of the few SME organisations in the world to be awarded this international standard.

Why did we want it?

As a collaborative organisation, we had a lot of practices that happened organically. We had no idealised structure as to why we used them, but they worked so we continued. However, as we grow, as with all businesses we need to document best practice and so Andrew Foy (owner of Foy Certification) our Collaborator who delivers certification and the process, suggested we become certified with the British Standard BS11000. This was before there was even an International Standard.

How did we get it?

A labour of love and Collaboration – obviously.

We set about fulfilling the 8 stage process, which had us look at, and assess our current collaborative working practices. 3 is the magic number in BeCollaboration and together with Collaborator Sara Wilbourne, Andrew and I   created a document with evidence of our community and how we become aligned and work together.

What impact has it had?

By documenting our process and implementing additional systems we are able to scale more effectively. We have identified why we are so empowered in our community which can be acknowledged and replicated. In fact, our Auditor told us that our practices offered new perspectives on the current standard as they were identified as more collaborative than some of the requirements at that time.

How can that help our Collaborators?

By adopting the BeCollaboration culture within your business you will be opening your doors to many collaborative opportunities. Indeed, should you have a program or joint venture you wish to pursue, you can identify with the standard to support you by offering that program under BeCollaboration. (providing you comply with our guidelines and with permission)

What will BeCollaboration use the standard for?

It has always been our intention to build a commercial arm of our organisation. Having a community of talent, it makes sense to utilise that for our collective benefit.

We are known as specialists in the field of collaboration. This internationally recognised standard will add to our collateral when working with larger organisations.

We want to teach others the benefit of collaboration and use our members to support us in this work. This will mean putting together teams to go into organisations to support them and enhance their business, sharing how collaboration can create new possibility. With our team in place, we can fully demonstrate the effectiveness and reach of collaboration. By offering a bespoke service we can transform businesses and organisations, using our skills and talents, sharing our unique collaborative culture.

Plus, with our Collaborator, Andrew Foy at the helm BeCollaboration can support other businesses to become certified either in Collaborative Business Services or a raft of other certifications to support your business.

The standard simply acknowledges that we really REALLY understand the Power of Collaboration!

For more information and to understand how this standard and others will benefit your organisation please contact Andrew Foy at

Andrew Foy

Sara Wilbourne

Gill Tiney

Erkan Ali