The Making of a Movement – The BeCollaboration Story

Fed up with politics – big P and little p?

Upset with our media, seeing propaganda filled programmes giving biased opinion, social media feeding our misconceptions?

Let down by the education system?

Sickened by the poverty on our own doorstep?

Is this the status quo? Can one person change anything?

It feels impossible that anyone can even make a dent in our real world problems.

And yet…

There is a way for YOU to make a difference.

Discover what Gill Tiney believes is the very beginning of a whole world solution.

  • No revolution
  • No bloodshed
  • Yet a way to stop the madness

Making of a Movement is her story to awakening, the dawning of a realisation that she isn’t looking for a hero to save the world – she is hero enough to make a start. She doesn’t need all of the solutions to the vast dichotomy we find ourselves in, we don’t need to have all of the answers to build a new future. What we need is Collaboration the tool to transform the negative spiral we are currently living in and together build a better future.

This book tells her journey, the lessons learned, the path still to come, the firm belief that this is her reason for being. If you are passionate about what you do and who you are, you will recognise her frustrations as she comes across opposition, and triumphs as new people appear to support the cause. This is a story not merely of success, of making millions, but of hope and certainty that we can all be better, and can all make an impact while we are privileged enough to be here our planet earth.