Meet the Founders of BeCollaboration

Erkan Ali

Creator & Co-Founder of BeCollaboration

Gill Tiney

Co-Founder of BeCollaboration

Erkan has always had an innate desire to explore and understand the world around him, how things work and how could they be improved.  As a child he was that kid, the one that would always ask why…?

That pathway eventually lead him to ‘Human Beings,’ the most fascinating and complex of this planets species. He has spent decades learning and understanding theories as far and wide as Ontology to Emotional Intelligence, he attends many talks/seminars & programs, he has been relentless in his passion to understand people.

Ultimately, Erkan’s mission is to transform the human experience from one of Fear, Scarcity & Competition to that of Love, Connection & Abundance, in short, a world that works for everyone.

Gill and Erkan founded BeCollaboration as an expression of their desire to make a difference & to impact the lives of individuals and society at large.

Although making a difference and contributing to society is paramount for Erkan he is also an accomplished business owner and coach.  He is passionate about seeing others excel and empowers them to produce breakthrough results in their projects and lives.

Erkan designs and delivers talks, programs and events.  He and Gill Tiney also present the Journey of Possibility PODCAST.

Getting himself trackside, whether in the car or supporting drivers is important to him, he loves racing cars and testing his driving limits on track.

Erkan lives in Hertford (UK) with his wife and two daughters.

Gill grew up in the East End of London where community spirit was strong. Over the years she has witnessed the erosion of that safe space she had taken for granted.
Growing up she devoured books becoming a life long learner as her means to achieving her hearts desires and pulling herself up from her humble beginnings.
Struggling to find her niche in the world she became a teacher and realised the school system we had grown up with was no longer fit for purpose – if indeed it ever had been. Eventually frustrated by the red tape she left the profession to grow her entrepreneur spirit, owning and running a variety of businesses.
Finally becoming a business coach she was able to create ongoing, sustainable consistent impact with her clients – she is not an advocate of massive change to make massive impact instead preferring small regular ‘Steps To Success’ which she believes is a more sustainable source of power. Enabling business owners to fulfill their dreams was the beginning of her destiny.
But that was not enough! BeCollaboration was the final piece of the jigsaw.
Working with Erkan has been the beginning of a powerful friendship that within the BeCollaboration community has no limits.
Gill is married to her childhood sweetheart Alan and they have two incredible daughters.
She finds peace and sustenance in the arts, theatre, music, literature and art. Her health is honed by being a flexitarian, HIIT enthusiast, while yoga makes her more bendy and meditation allows her to BE in the now whenever she chooses.

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