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Collaboration in Action

At BeCollaboration we are excited that our groups are growing thanks to the tenacity of our members who STEP UP to embrace a new opportunity and come out of their comfort zone to run and host a group. We call these members Accomplices – from the original definition ’to accomplish’. We believe they ‘accomplish’ so much when they look after our groups.

They have learnt how to grow a small community in their local area, built a reputation, developed a culture in line with BeCollaboration’s core values, invited many, many guests and welcomed new members into our community. This is no mean feat – so many considerations, whilst balancing the needs of their thriving business, but don’t worry they have had training from our own specialist in this area Co-Founder Gill Tiney. 

Everything they have learnt has had a twofold value for their own business. Connecting with people to invite them along, has grown their local reputation. Being at the front of the room has developed their presenting skills. Supporting their members has honed their coaching skills. Plus coming out of their comfort zone to be ‘front of house’ as part of a large community has given them confidence in their abilities to make a difference to others. Plus, much, much more.

All in all, a win/win/win – for BeCollaboration, for our members and for our Accomplices.

As a growing group within BeCollaboration we look forward to other members stepping up and launching groups in other parts of the country, and indeed the world, to spread the message and inspire collective action.

Let them introduce themselves;

Carol May

What is your specialism:

Menopause Maven, Transformational Health and Lifestyle Coach. Midlife Health and Wellness

Who you love to help (niche market):

I work with Professional women over 40 whose health and menopause symtoms are negatively affecting their work, their home life, their relationships (with themselves and others) and their sex life.  I empower them to power through the Menopause with Ease and to become healthy and energetic without dieting or going to the gym 5 x a week.

Why you are part of BeColl and what makes your group worth a visit:

I joined BeCollaboration because, quite simply, I found my peeps! I found people with my values, people who always listen without judgement, people who support me, people I can learn from, and people with whom I can collaborate. As a result I have finally found my voice.

One year on, I now run the Essex group with Barry Haeger, and we are creating a very special space with some very special people, a space in which we are encouraging and supporting others to find their voices and to take their specialty out into the World. 

How people can contact you – email, phone, website, FB page etc :

email: carolmay54@live.co.uk
Phone; 07884 435554
Facebook – Carol May
Facebook – All Shapes and Sizes
Facebook – Life Beyond 40
LInkedIn – Carol May
Twitter – Carolmay54


Dave Cordle

What is your specialism:

Career coaching and personal development. Working with people across industry sectors and at all levels from shop floor to board room, my specialism is in helping people to fully understand what they’re good at and what an ideal role looks like for them, and then get jobs they love that support a lifestyle they have chosen.

RCDP (Registered Career Development Professional), The Career Development Institute
CMP (Career Management Professional), Institute of Career Certification International

Who you love to help (niche market):

People who are at a point where they don’t know what to do next or how to do it. They might be facing redundancy,  unhappy in their current role, or looking for their first career / work step. It might be specific help preparing for an interview or creating a CV, or it might be designing a whole new career and future.  

I love seeing the transformation as someone gains the confidence to define what success means to them and the skills that help them realise that they can make that happen.

Why you are part of BeColl and what makes your group worth a visit:

At BeColl I get to mix with people who want to make a difference, who are passionate about something, and who inspire me. I love that the community challenges my thinking about myself: it isn’t always comfortable but it always helps me grow and continue to create the next best version of me.

Surrey’s worth coming to visit because you always get a warm welcome and you’ll be a valuable part of our meeting. You’re sure to learn something useful about you or for you. And if you can, plan to stay for dinner afterwards to continue the conversations.

How people can contact you – email, phone, website, FB page etc :

email: dave@davecordle.co.uk
Website; www.davecordle.co.uk
Facebook – DaveCordleCoach
LInkedIn – Dave Cordle
Twitter – davecordle