Terms and Conditions

BeCollaboration believe that by agreeing to be a member of the community both online and off you are committing to the core values and culture that all Collaborators can enjoy.

Agreements for membership;

Offline Collaborators:

Attend at least 10 meetings per year

Attend 2 Orientations – contextual and practical

Be punctual – time is our only non-renewable resource, treat it with respect

You can attend any meeting, please identify your Home group. Always notify the Accomplice if you are attending a meeting

Be active – attend Masterclasses, book 121’s with Collaborators, bring guests, share the movement, create collaborations.

Do not sell to the room

Be prepared – when taking a front of room session, ensure you follow the guidelines as set out in your Journal

Membership can be revoked if you fail to comply and operate within the Core values as identified in your Journal

Utilise the Collaborator Journal to maximise personal growth

Online Collaborators:

Access the community on a regular basis

Provide profile details for the community to connect

No selling/spamming within the community

Connect via social media portals

Share available content with your community


Fees are paid monthly via GoCardless online payment scheme

BeCollaboration reserve the right to refuse membership

BeCollaboration is a trademark and cannot be used without express written permission of the Founders

Any content or confidential information our members share is done so at their own risk, please respect that this is a forum of trust and should that trust be violated your membership will be in jeopardy.

Commercial work carried out as a result of a BeCollaboration meeting is the responsibility of the individuals. BeCollaboration cannot take responsibility for any due diligence required.

You cannot post anything on the site that does not uphold the BeCollaboration core values.